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just wondering....

does anyone know what it means when a person keeps dreaming of the ocean and whales?
thanks in advance for whatever answers i get.
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Dream interpreation has very few guidelines- a LOT of it is adjusted by how you view the objects. So what do you feel with the ocean? What do you associate with whales? Are there memories or songs that can bring thoughts of oceans?

There's usually a big difference in Jung vs. Freud in the interpretation.

Go with your gut. If they felt good, stick with that.
well, i love the ocean, and i love whales. both are beautiful, vast, and for some reason - make me feel safe.
does that make any sense?
yeppers, and word associations?
what do you mean "word associations"? please to explain, kind sir.
well, when we associate a feeling or word to something that's how it is defined to US. I mean everything from "sunsets" to "sand in my buttcrack" good or bad, and the whole thing comes together in how we feel about something. Maybe your mind is trying to give you a break?
sounds like it. the thought and dreams of the ocean and whales has always given me comfort. as well as in real life.
does that make sense?
This particular dream matter reminds me of a personality test I've seen everywhere, including in psych class. You know.. the one where you use 3 adjectives to describe how you feel about your favourite animal, 3 more for your favourite colour, 3 more for a body of water, and 3 more about your emotions if you were in a white room with no windows and no doors.

Supposedly the water is how you feel about sex. (the other three being how you view yourself, how others view you, and how you see death, respectively)

Enter the whales though, and I think that rules out the sex thing. So I'm gonna have to echo Dan on this one.. what associations do you have of the ocean? Do you live near one? Have you visited one? Have you seen whales in the ocean or at a seaworld-type park? Maybe something in your life that might trigger those memories?
i've heard that thing about water meaning sex before - but i seriously feel that it doesn't apply to my dreams.
yes, i live near the pacific ocean. water has always given me a calm feeling and sense of peace. when i lived in japan - it made me not so homesick to know the water i was looking was the same water that came here. about 9000 miles away.
as for the meaning behind the whales, i know that whales travel in pods and it is usually females that are in charge.
maybe that has something to do with it. i live with my parents, and my 2nd oldest sister comes over a lot.
thanks for all your comments.

So I did a little looking and found this.

Water is a very common but powerful dream symbol. Its meaning varies with the details and the mood of the dream. Water is a deeply spiritual symbol representing the "water of life" or the "flow of life." Large bodies of water usually represent our unconscious minds or/and soul experiences. Water symbolizes emotions (rough, smooth, clear, murky, etc.). Freud thought that since fluids are involved in sexual activities, at times, water in dreams has sexual connotations.

For most people, dreaming about whales is a pleasant experience. These huge water dwelling mammals may be symbolic of the connection that exists between the unconscious and conscious mind. They may represent the dreamer's level of awareness, perceptiveness, and intuition. Some think that they represent our emotional power or are messengers from the spiritual realms. If the ocean waters were turbulent, and the whale in your dream was unpredictable or on the attack, considers the emotional environment in your every day life. Under such unpleasant dream circumstances, these large animals may represent overwhelming emotional or psychological issue and problem.

Sounds like a bit of astrological type theory to me, though. I think what's more important is how you felt while dreaming of the water/whales, and what the actions or plots of the dreams have been.
when dreaming of the ocean & whales - i feel calm and at peace. like it's perfectly normal to have a whale right beside me, as well as being in the middle of the ocean with no land around.
the whales in my dreams are never aggressive, violent or anything like that at all. as for the ocean - same thing applies. there are no huge crashing waves - like storms and such. mostly calm seas and such. if there are waves, they're just lapping the shore. nothing big there, either.
thanks for the information. i appreciate you taking the time.