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Psychiatric Help

The Doctor Is IN

The Doctor is IN
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Welcome to 5_cents, where you can receive psychiatric help for any problem, guaranteed! Nobody here is a professional, but since we're all still alive I'd say we're all experts at life, and we dont need a piece of paper to feel qualified giving an opinion.

Ask for help with

  • Serious life issues
  • frivolous curiosities
  • petty desires
  • dream interpretation

Or anything that has been on your mind.

You dont have to be a member to watch or comment all you like. All questions will be answered. Anyone else who wants to 'play doctor' is also welcome.


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Dont promote here if you cant even be creative enough to post it in a relavent way. (i.e. "I just ripped off your community and made one that's doubly as lame. Do you think I have a creativity problem? What should I do about it?") Then, we might humor you. Thanks.